Sunday, March 6, 2011

A wonderful rainy weekend!

Even with the rain, it has been a great weekend!

Sad, I really don't have much to say....a huge feeling of contentment and a big smile, though!

I set up two more growbeds and of course cycled the system a few times. A friend, Charles, gave me a timer.
I need to research exactly how to use it for my set up.  I did order a timer online to get me by, until then.

I've planted several seeds in rockwool and moved several that I started indoors out to the green house.

I think my most enjoyable time this weekend was sitting in the greenhouse listening to the rain beating down and looking out the door at what I've set up.  It was so relaxing and a big feeling of accomplishment.

I told my husband that if he gets home from work and can't find me....
he should probably check the greenhouse!

Happy gardening!!!

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