Thursday, January 6, 2011

The greenhouse and why.... husband (Santa) got me a greenhouse for Christmas.  It is a reasonably priced (or so he told me) greenhouse  from Harbor Freight with instructions from.....well....not here.  My plan is to get the greenhouse up to start seeds so when I finish building the aquaponics system, the seeds will be ready for transplant into this system.  This means I will be on a timeline of some sort....ugh!  So, 5 adults and 9hrs later, the framework of the greenhouse is done. The directions were lousy and we gave up for the night.   So, Sunday morning (I'm catching  you up here,) I resorted to google.  I love google.  I found a link for the same greenhouse with the same lousy instructions and somebody took the time to take pics along the way!  Alas!!!  I have a door on my greenhouse!!!  We moved the greenhouse to its semi-permanent location.  Now, we are up to date.  I am digging up the sod where it is going to sit to put in other areas to help with erosion control.  The panels are not up on the greenhouse yet because we've had quite a bit of inclement weather for our neck of the woods.  I am looking forward to tomorrow to be able to continue on with my plans.  I hope the weather cooperates with me!  When I figure out how to do it, I will post the link for the man that had all the pics and nifty instructions for this Harbor Freight greenhouse.  He was my hero for the day!

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