Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still waiting on the weather....

Old man winter seems to want to stick around for awhile.  We've had 5in of snow and ice on top of that.  I know it doesn't seem like much to some, but, out here it pretty much shuts everything down. I'm glad I made the decision not to put the panels on the greenhouse.  They may have broken.  I did learn that I should probably build a structure of some sort over it for in-climate weather. Now I'm just drooling through all the seed and gardening magazines that these companies want to tease me with....just dreaming of sunshine....


  1. No need to drool over the catalogs, go ahead and order the seeds and start them in your kitchen, laundry room or other protected areas inside the home. That way by the time the weather is good and your greenhouse is built you will have a jump start. I am hoping to have various gardens in different stages of growth so that we all ways have an abundant supply of my favorite herbs and tomatoes.

  2. I have so many seeds here already. I think I just like to tease myself with the magazines. You are right, though. Staggering plantings is a great idea! Herbs, of course, are great year round! Tomatoes are so expensive. My husband and I were talking about how much we saved and were able to give away last season with just that "crop" alone!