Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back at it after yesterdays frustration....

A new day with new ideas and a refreshed mind.

After much thought, I think my son was correct.  Since the beds were filling slower than the water was draining, the water level never hit a point to build the air pocket for the siphon to start.  I tested the beds over and over and the siphons are working fine when I increase the water flow one at a time.

On to plan B...or maybe it is plan C by now.

Let me explain what you see in the following picture.

It is hard to tell, but, I lowered the grow beds.  They are still higher than the fish vat so gravity can
help with the draining of the beds.
The ugly tires, which are there strictly to test this theory before building something permanent, are to
hold water above the grow beds.
I am going to replace the inflow lines with control valves where the T's were so I can adjust the flow
of water into each bed.

The water will be pumped up from the fish vat into the tub/basin that is sitting on the tires.  Using a toilet
flushing type system, I am hoping with the use of gravity, the amount and speed of the water will fill the
beds faster than the water wants to drain.  I can't go any smaller really on the stand pipes...they are
3/4in pvc.  By having control valves at each bed, I should be able to decrease the flow into the first
bed and increase the flow throughout  the other beds.  I would think that without those valves the first
couple of beds would be getting the majority of the water until there wasn't enough flow left for the beds
further down the line.  I think it will be a challenge "tweaking" the flow of water to the top basin and
controlling the release of it to the grow beds.

So, that is where everything stands right now.

Looking forward to another day to play with it!

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