Sunday, February 27, 2011



(Well, with some great help from my Husband and Son!)

Through out the weekend I changed ideas so many times...I guess I'm a bit fickle.
I got rid of the tires, well actually, my husband sold the tires, so he agreed to help make a stand!  Yea!
I got the pump to run up to the reserve tank, but, couldn't get it to drain into the beds at the right time or speed to deliver just the right amount of water.  I was having massive buoyancy issues trying to get the toilet plunger to open at the right time.

My son had some great ideas on my plunger problem after researching the tank in his bathroom.  (I never asked him if he fixed the leak he had going on in there, while he was at it! Ha!)  In the end, with his help, we did the simplest thing....tied a plastic bottle to the plunger.  When the bottle rises with the level of the water, it pulls up the plunger.
We filled it up and tried and sure enough, it worked!
We had proper flow!

I got the guys on the roof to mount the solar panels and hooked them up to an inverter and marine battery.

So this is now what I have!

Tomorrow after work, I will update with some closer pictures and the solar set up.  Silly me thought I would do a "quick" video and made it way too long.  It was showing the system in action.  Therefore all the "good" pictures are on it.

I have some happy catfish that are looking forward to diving into their new home!
They have outgrown our indoor tank!

Looking forward to posting tomorrow!

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