Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The fish are in!

So, I've glued most of the pvc together, covered my clear line coming from the pump up to the reserve tank to help prevent algae, and ran the extension cord from the pump to the inverter.   I tried to hide the power line as much as possible to help make the system look a little better.  (Have to work on a nicer looking, covered reserve tank.)
Part of what I want to do is hook this all up and make it an interesting part of the yard.  I've watched so many videos of really neat systems but many just....well.....look ugly.  I understand that it really shouldn't make
a difference, I guess, but we work hard on our little piece of paradise and I don't want this to detract from it.  I want it to enhance the yard and curiosity of our guests.

I put 3 good size catfish in the vat Sunday and the system has being running 3mins on, 30mins off since Saturday morning.  It is now Tuesday and I've been out late at night and at dusk and it has been running.  Everything is filling up the way I want it, and draining great!

Once I get an aerator for the fish vat, I will change the on time to maybe once an hour.  The fish seem to be doing well....they aren't coming up to the surface except for food in the evening.

The video explains a little more........
I sure am enjoying myself!!

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