Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some things I've learned on my quest so far......

     I thought this might be a good time to just kind of reflect on some of the things I have learned so far.. 

1.  I really need to work on patience.  I ended up putting plants in earlier than I said I was.  The weather is so nice, it just seemed fitting for the occasion.  (I DO have spare seedlings growing in rockwool, just in case!)

2.  I need to slow my thoughts down.  There are so many ways of doing hydro/aquaponics that it is sometimes hard to stay focused on just one system.  I already have so many ideas for the future....trying an NFT system, expanding what I have,  starting one in the green house so it is ready for winter, trying odd plants out of curiosity, etc...

3.  This venture is NOT a "cheap" way of doing things.  Possibly after everything is up and running for awhile.  The startup costs are not cheap, though, and that is what I started out trying to do.  My excitement got ahead of me and I've already "upgraded" simple things.  I did not have to go solar to begin with and would have saved quite a bit.  I am happy with that decision, though.  I didn't have to "cheat" and buy a couple of plants this weekend to get a head start....but I did.  .........and I am happy with that decision, too.....

4.  I have also learned that when the system is up and running on the timer just the way you want it, be sure to notify your family that the "experimentation" phase is over.  Protect your timer!!!  If it has controls like mine, the tiniest touch can throw it off.

5. Don't mess with the media guards.  If they are working at keeping out the Hydroton, gravel, or whatever....LEAVE THEM ALONE!  I had to dump a bed and redo it because for some silly reason, my son felt the need to "see if it was working."  Bless his heart.....refer back to that "experimental" phase....

6.  My ducks are not my friends.  I caught 2 of them trying to get into my fish vat...mind you, they have an acre and a half pond that they just walked from, right behind them.  I'm going to have to find a fix for that...

7.  It has been well worth the time, research, and effort I've put into this.  I am excited about what I'm doing and looking forward to seeing the progress over the next couple months.  

I added some Marigolds to the front of the fish vat just to pretty it up a little.  
Behind the Marigolds are some yellow onion bulbs.  Not hydroponics, but good eats anyway. 

I'm working on a trellis to put above the grow beds.  It is from scrap metal we had laying 
around.  It will sit in notches on top of metal poles.  I tried to paint it this weekend, but the 
wind was blowing so hard, I painted more of myself than anything.

Well, that's all for tonight!  I had a wonderful weekend and look forward to the 
week ahead!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. That looks awesome, I really wish I had the time to put in effort like that.. all my plants are dying hahahaha